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You may be wondering, why do I need a VIP mindset?

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard people say you need a CEO mindset, a growth mindset, etc.. But since I’m all about VIPs, we are calling this a VIP mindset. You could call it a royal mindset, an athlete mindset, or a mogul mindset, but whatever you call it, the point is that we need to adopt the mindset of the person that we want to be and the person we want to serve. Those two things can be the same.  

VIPs are confident, charming (most of the time), happy, and they conquer life. And that’s the kind of mindset that you need and I need to succeed and work at our dream events, to shape our careers and lives, and work in a premium VIP environment. 

There are a few things that our minds do to play games on us, and we start to think that we aren’t good enough to work at certain events, to work around high-level people, and even to be VIPs ourselves. But you can and I can be a VIP. We can be VIPs within the event industry. To get there, to continue working in a premium environment, you need to first BE the person that you envision. Instead of doing, then having, and finally being, why not being, then having, then doing. 

Visualise the person you want to be. What does that person have? What do they do? How would a VIP event pro show up? How would a person that’s a VIP in the event industry show up? How would the person who has a lot of VIP clients show up? How do you need to show up?

Show up as someone who doesn’t let your current circumstances be a narrative of why you cannot achieve your dream. Show up as someone who is no longer complicit in holding yourself back. Knowing how you show up is the first step in becoming that person.

So how does a VIP show up?

They don’t people please.
They don’t fear rejection.
They don’t pursue perfectionism.
They have boundaries and respect them.
They have big dreams but manage expectations.
They reframe their limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome.

They create what THEY consider to be an ideal career and life instead of re-creating what others consider to be ideal. It could be one iconic event per year or one VIP client. Maybe it’s doing VIP events part time whilst raising a family or going all in and traveling the world year round to iconic events. The point is, you create your own dream.

To create that dream, you need to reframe rejection and imposter syndrome.


Do you worry that one rejection will set the tone of your future efforts?

I am no longer afraid of rejection and experience it, too, when I want to work at iconic events. But instead of fearing it, I know that every rejection is simply a redirection. Just last year, I was turned down for an iconic event. Instead of worrying that it was about my skills, I inquired further and was told it was due to where I lived – not close enough to the event. Sometimes rejection comes because skill sets don’t match which is fine – remember, it is just a redirection. You will never appeal to everyone and that is okay, because as soon as you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.

Rejection can also come from VIPs themselves, and how you expect a VIP to be and act doesn’t align, and they are rude to you. A true VIP doesn’t let one rejection ruin their progress or future chances because they have VIP energy.

This is where we separate facts from emotions. Emotions manifest in fear of rejection.

They don’t know me.
They won’t hire me.
They will think I’m a fraud.

Your logical side manifests in facts and data.

I have experience.
I know this industry.
I am a good fit for the role.

The perspective shift you need is that you need all of the rejections to find the right fit. It’s like dating, right? So, when you fear rejection, give it a name and tell it to go away as soon as it holds you back from taking action.

Imposter Syndrome

They will know. They will see through me.

Imposter syndrome in the events industry shows up as not respecting your own boundaries. Not giving your opinion. Not charging a higher rate. Asking for permission.

The imposter needs validation, and it isn’t you. Imposter syndrome needs a reframe. Try instead thinking about imposter syndrome like this:

My imposter keeps me on my toes.
My imposter shows me that I’m taking steps towards something.
My imposter is telling me I’m out of my comfort zone so I am growing.

Imposter syndrome can be overcome. It’s like having an annoying roommate living in your head nagging you. But what can you do? Talk back to it. Shut the door in its face.  It will evolve, of course, and it is more of a journey than a destination. Sometimes you’re on top of the world, you know you’re the best, and you ride that wave until it crashes. Then, you feel like a fraud. New level, new devil. As long as you don’t let it prevent you from moving forward, it does in fact lead to growth because it’s an indicator you’re in the growth zone, and exposure will eliminate fear. 

Celebrities experience imposter syndrome, too. A quick search will result in articles with some A-listers who struggle. Maybe you will be face to face with A-listers if you aren’t already. As long as you have the VIP mindset, you will learn not to hang out with your imposter for long. Reframing imposter syndrome is especially important when working around VIPs so that you don’t come across as lacking in confidence. If you show a lack of confidence, people immediately don’t take you seriously.

So what’s the point of all this?

Mindset work challenges and strengthens you more than a class or a degree. The VIP mindset is what helps you switch from dreaming to doing before you’re ready, and when you combine it with your strategy and network, you have the event career you’ve been dreaming of.

If you see yourself as a VIP yourself and the event pro working at iconic events, the event pro who doesn’t have to find them because work finds you, and the event pro that has a recognisable brand in the industry, you are mostly there.

And just remember this. If you’re working towards something repeat this to yourself. It’s coming, I just can’t see it yet. 

What should you do now?

Think about what you are struggling with. Is it perfectionism? Rejection? Boundaries? Imposter syndrome? Then, come on over to Instagram @lauralloydevents and message me or DM me on LinkedIn at Laura Yarbrough-Lloyd and tell me what you need help with! 

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xo, Laura Yarbrough-Lloyd

Laura Yarbrough-Lloyd

November 13, 2023

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