Being incredibly hospitable and assuring to ensure all guests feel comfortable and have the best experience

Maintaining professionalism at all times especially in the face of VIPs (and I've been around a lot!) and following protocol

Having a quiet and methodical approach to event planning & management and asking the right questions at the right time

Putting my personal touch into every contact whether it's an event planning meeting, an interaction with an event guest, or a post-event debrief

Working independently and being a self-starter but also working well in a team to create a great behind the scenes atmosphere

Being an organisational wizard and tenacious with details whether it's for delegate management, accreditation, budgeting or room look & feel

...and more. Find out by working with me!


Want to know the very first thing I do when I work at a VIP event? Find out now by clicking here.

Want to know the first thing I do when I want to work at a VIP event? Find out now by clicking here.

Hey event organiser!

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I'm known for:

Her southern charm brings a level of calm and composure to any events team and she knows that post-event debriefs always go better with a milkshake.

"organizational wizard" is the phrase that comes to mind when i think about laura.

not only is laura passionate about her work, but she has a wealth of event planning knowledge and creativity that helped us bring to life the vision of our event.

laura's quiet and methodical approach underpin her organizational skills, creativity and event management capabilities.

she is knowledgeable and talented, but it is her personal touch that really shines.

i was receiving calls of praise for her cool head under pressure, her incredible drive, and her unrivaled work ethic.

laura is a very professional and poised event prof. shes a pleasure to work around and has a great attitude.

she's thoughtful and strategic with a unique skill set and authentic ability to build long term relationships