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Hey event professional!

iconic vip events!

i want to help you work at

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How to Book a VIP Event in 5 Steps

when you don't know where to start

free training!

This training will help you if: 

- You are an event freelancer and have zero ideas of how to break into the VIP event industry so you don’t even try to find a gig at one

- You worked at maybe one VIP event gig you got by chance or through a previous full time employer but the opportunities weren’t consistent after that

- You feel like an imposter who couldn’t possibly work at a VIP event or even dare to try because you don’t have enough experience or credentials




In 30 days, learn about the VIP event industry and develop your own strategy, network and VIP mindset to secure work at iconic events. This is unlike any program out there.

Best for you if: 

You are an event freelancer who

wants to work at 1-2 VIP events while still working with your current event clients, and you want to be set you on the right track with a step by step guide and weekly support.


My 3-month signature program is where you not only learn about the VIP event sector and develop a strategy, network and mindset, but you also create an event career you love. This works for employed and freelance event pros.

Best for you if: 

You are an event professional who

is desiring a career change from one event sector to VIP events exclusively, and you want to be set on the right track and receive ongoing support.

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Laura Yarbrough-Lloyd. I coach, consultant and educator. I help event professionals work at VIP events like I do.

And I make the process fun and easy.



I don't know where to start

This is me!


i tried but didn't succeed

You read my mind!

I want to work at a VIP event but don't know who to contact and feel too busy to figure it out.

It all feels a bit out of my league sometimes so I just take the events that I can get.

I guess I'll get those opportunities one day as I get more experience, because I definitely can't get one now.

I asked some of my network for help, but no one has given me a referral, and no one I know works at these events anyways.

I reached out to people before but didn't receive any reply. Am I being too creepy trying this way?

I hustled to meet people, but I really haven't enjoyed networking. It's made me a little less confident.

You knew who was hiring for VIP events and what they were looking for
You had an image and brand that made you stand out
Your marketing made you stay top of mind with the right people
You had a network that consistently referred you for 80% of your work
You got a quick "YES!" every time you attempted to work at a VIP event

Imagine if



It starts with these 3 tools to get you finally booking vip events:

A VIP mindset is one that combines work on your limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, and fear of rejection with your dreams so that instead of not taking action or creating excuses, you consistently take action before you're ready.

Do you want to make all of that a reality?



My signature 5-step F.L.A.I.R. process gives you the strategy that puts your expertise, niche, and image in the spotlight while giving you VIP foundational knowledge to make plans.

The Network to Get Work Sprint gives you a strong network that does a lot of work for you and adds key contacts to your network right out of the gate.






This is the ONLY coaching program for event pros that focuses on getting work at VIP events like The Olympics, the BAFTAs, the Super Bowl, the Wimbledon Championships, an Inauguration at The White House, a celebrity wedding, or the Cannes Film Festival to name a few.

And I can help you!

Set goals and research 1-2 VIP events to work at while learning about VIP basics


4 weeks for the event freelancer who wants a crash course to add 1 vip event to your potfolio









Create a next level networking plan and develop new relationships

Develop marketing strategy, image, brand, and niche

Create a roadmap for the future and leveraging future opportunities while preparing for VIP interactions

Define dream career/goals
Research VIP events
Leverage current contacts
Work on limiting beliefs
Learn about VIP sector
...and more!

Create a networking plan
Develop your image/brand
Create a marketing plan
Target specific events/work
Reframe imposter syndrome
...and more!

Implement marketing plan
Add contacts to network
Create your roadmap
Prepare for VIP events
Seek specific opportunities
...and more!


3 months for the event freelancer who wants to develop a career in the vip event industry

here's everything you get

the trainings

There is a video lesson you will watch before our weekly call and an accompanying word document for each phase. each phase has an assignment and worksheet to get you results fast.

You get a gold mine of resources and templates, cheat sheets and more during our program that will help you get noticed and set you up for success during your booked event. 

Every week, we have a live call where you will get to ask questions and we will work through areas where you want additional help.

the tangibles

the live calls


I'll be there to help you prepare for a VIP event you book within 12 months of ending our time together.


Once you book the event, we walk through the scope and assignment together so you can get rid of your nerves and 'what if's' - you won't feel imposter syndrome after this!

We will talk about the VIP Service Delivery Pyramid, and I'll even help you plan your packing list, healthy habits, and any logistics with my VIP Event Week Blueprint template so that you start the event stress free and organised.

2 spots per month


Note: There are no refunds.

2 spots per month

Note: There are no refunds.







click for the detailed program calendar

click for the detailed program calendar


Your VIP loving event planner, business bestie, accountability partner, and coach all wrapped into one!


How do I know this is the answer to your problem?

I used to be in your shoes - I always dreamed of working at a VIP event like the Olympics, a Royal wedding, or awards shows. But I didn’t know where to start, and I was too introverted and reserved to ask for help. My first gig actually landed in my lap because I was in the right place at the right time, but I felt way out of my league. I got through it. Just.

After that event, I took several steps back and thought, “No way can I do that again until I get more experience.” I had experience, though. The things I didn’t have? A strategy, professional image, professional brand, marketing plan, or any knowledge of VIPs themselves.

Eventually, I figured it out - I didn’t have to Google “how to work at xx event” - those search results don’t even exist anyways (trust me, I used to try). I became one of the go-to VIP event professionals.

I took it a step further and trained in etiquette and VIP protocol from the world’s best trainers to polish my image and brand because I was working in prestigious environments and wanted to blend in with the VIPs themselves to be taken seriously.

This whole journey has taken me from The Olympics, film festivals and press conferences with celebrities to being one of the key team members at the Wimbledon Championships and the VIP consultant of the Laver Cup. The projects I have coming up are just as prestigious. I’ve been around hundreds of VIPs, laughed with Hollywood celebrities who respect me because I know how and what to do, and been face to face with the world’s most famous athletes who know me by name now.

I want all of this for you - these event opportunities aren’t scarce. They are abundant, but no one knows exactly how to book their first one. I created the program so that you don’t have to be like me - sitting around wondering and waiting for it or prematurely and suddenly thrown in the thick of it so deep that your confidence is shattered and you don’t get another gig. You don’t have to experience it the way I did because I’ve made the process easier. Join me in A Flair for VIP Events - I’m ready to cheer you on during the 12 weeks and forever after that!



Still have questions?

A little bit of


it's waiting for you!

Q: Will this investment pay off?

Q: Is there a limit to the number of spots?

Q: What is the exact schedule, date/time of calls and each phase?


Q: Why should I do this if I can just get a mentor?

Q: How is this different from the coach I already have?

Q: I’m not an event planner, but I still work in the event industry. Should I still do this?

Q: I already know people who work at VIP events. Can’t I just ask them for help?

Q: What if I don’t have a network or much experience?

Q: How long until I book a household name, exclusive, or VIP event gig?

Q: Will you help me when I actually do have the event gig?

Q: What if I am introverted?

Q: Can I do this if I have event work booked during the 4 or 12 weeks?

Q: I worked at a household name event before but it hasn’t led to anything else. Should I still do this program?

If you follow the FLAIR framework and book a VIP event gig, the investment will pay for itself with a single event. The ROI is not just a single event though - once you book one of these events, your chance of booking another triples. 

There is space for 2 clients each per month in The Signature and Express Flair for VIP Events and A Network to Get Work. If I’m booked up, you will be on the waitlist, first come, first serve.

The week always commences on a Monday. Calls for the 4 week program will be on Wednesday afternoons, and calls for the 12 week program will either be on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon (UK time) unless one of us has an event or pre-booked holiday.

You can make monthly installments for the 12 week option (3 x 500).

A mentor won’t tell you exactly what you have to do or give you all of the resources that I’m going to provide. They may cheer you on, but they aren’t going to hold your hand or keep you accountable. Mentors are great, but they aren’t coaches or even necessarily specialists in booking VIP events.

No one in the event industry is coaching on this exact topic, and none of them have my personal framework or provide the same experience as me. I’ve made it my mission to develop my career exclusively on household name events and working with and/or around VIPs behind the scenes. However, it is not unusual to be working with multiple coaches at the same time. In fact, many people, including myself do this! 

It doesn’t matter your role in the event industry. The framework and tactics are the same for anyone who wants to work at a VIP event whether you’re a planner, stage manager, photographer, host, etc.

I know from personal experience that knowing people can certainly help getting your foot in the door, but only you can seal the deal and get that event re-booked. This framework and program helps you seal the deal.

If you know 10 people, you have a network that is strong - your network isn’t just the people who YOU know - it’s the people your network is connected with and so on. There is a key relationship out there that will help get you into a VIP event gig. It doesn’t matter if you have a few years of experience or ten. People aren’t buying into years of experience or age, they are buying into you.

If you follow all the steps in the FLAIR framework and really give it your time and quality attention, you can absolutely book one of these event gigs within six months of finishing the program.

Yes! The 12 week program includes a call with me to prepare for an actual event that you book. I’m not going to leave you to fend for yourself. We will make sure you are VIP ready and know what to expect.

You’re listening to a reserved introvert. There is a VIP, exclusive, or household name event gig out there for us - plenty, in fact! Introverts have a superpower and understand when to remain calm and observe what others need - assets that people look for when hiring an event freelancer for these events.

Absolutely. All you have to do is dedicate 3-5 hours a week, or max 1 hour a day to the program. It’s great to have an event during the program so you can try out some of the things you’re learning while in the program.

Absolutely. My first BIG event gig (the Olympics) is something I got by chance and one I didn’t try to find. I didn’t know how to use that event in my portfolio to my advantage at the time. I have developed a framework to help you do that. We will take that event and leverage it.